• Deborah Vail

Taking the Old Girl in for Repairs

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Most of my clients are already aware that my body is in need of repair and I have some major surgeries coming up. I am excited for these procedures because they are nearly guaranteed to help me feel MUCH better than I have in a long time, once they are done. One doctor promised me I would feel "ten years younger" once my issues were resolved by his surgery.

To everyone's surprise, one of the procedures was moved up in timing, and has necessitated lengthening my planned office closure. My office will now be closed - effective today, and I will reopen on Thursday, July 15. If you are an existing client, look out for my email explaining what to do during my absence if you have an urgent need, or would just like to be seen by one of my available colleagues. If you are a prospective client, I anticipate I will begin accepting some new clients, at last, August 1 or so.

Feel free to send me an email during this time, and I'd be glad to reply when I can, although please understand there will be stretches of time where I will be completely offline - in which case urgent needs must go to my Supervisor, Jackie Melin, LCSW who can be reached at (971) 400-1088. I'm hopeful that the next time you all see me in-person, I'll be in excellent health and undoubtedly eager to get back to work with you all!

I'm terribly sorry to interrupt our work with this medical speed bump, but I am eager to roll up my sleeves on the other side with new spring in my step!

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