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New on the Lionheart YouTube Channel: EMDR Container and Safe & Calm Place Homework

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I have created a visualization guide for use by existing Lionheart Psychotherapy clients currently undergoing EMDR treatment with me. During EMDR treatment, clients and I create the foundation visualizations for a "Container" and a "Safe & Calm Place" during a session in my office, and then I typically assign homework for clients to practice these visualizations daily at home.

This homework exercise is NOT appropriate for anyone who has not completed those foundational steps together with a licensed mental health clinician trained in EMDR therapy. Frankly, the guided exercise won't make sense and it could be troubling for those without the foundational pieces complete.

If you are an existing EMDR client, you will recall working on these foundational pieces with me, and being assigned this homework. Please consider using this guided visualization to assist with your daily practice of these tools. It is a good investment to prepare your brain for the EMDR work we will do in future sessions.

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