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The Social Dilemma - Watch Free Through 9/30!

The Emmy Nominated film "The Social Dilemma" is available for free on YouTube through September 30th. Its one hour and fifteen minutes of riveting and informative examination of how Social Media is changing society and our brains as we use it. Watch it here:

I am a Certified Digital Wellness Educator, and if you wonder how to improve your own relationship to technology, or whether you should eschew it altogether - LET'S TALK. As part of of my education on this topic, I have read dozens and dozens of books, hundreds of scientific studies, and am part of a network of folks staying updated on the ethical issues and mental health impacts of persuasive tech. Tech is here to stay, and I can help you cultivate a more balanced way of relating to it and tools to resist the mindless brain suck and other mental health issues (which it is often purposefully designed to inspire).

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