It Takes Real Strength And Courage To

Prioritize Your Wellbeing


About Me

I offer counseling via telehealth only.  


Are you feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, or ready for a change? Perhaps anxiety, painful relationships, or a parenting struggle is taking over your life? I teach proven skills to cope, to build resilience, and to strengthen relationships. I provide a safe and affirming place to unload burdens, learn relieving skills, and shed light on the origin of your struggles - which can lead to a powerful healing experience. 

I work with all ages and genders, and adjust my technique dynamically based on your needs. My specialties include, but aren't limited to: relationships and attachment, trauma and EMDR, stress relief and mindfulness, parenting, teens, digital wellness, sexuality and gender counseling. I am a counselor to cycle breakers, trauma survivors, gender & sexuality explorers, and other courageous souls.


Specializing in Attachment & Trauma


Relationships are vitally important to our lives - we are hard wired to be connected to other people.  The quality of those connections with others has a huge impact on our quality of life and mood, for better or worse.  I view our relationships through the lens of attachment theory and focus treatment on improving how people relate to one another.   

Parenting can be one of the toughest jobs in the world.  I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and I have completed hundreds of hours in training in attachment-based parenting methods for kids of all ages.  I work with parents one-on-one and in parenting groups, to help them  handle stressors and traumatic events, and create a home where their children can grow and thrive.

Teenagers can struggle to connect with adults at a crucial time when they also must live under tremendous pressures and challenges.  The therapeutic relationship I cultivate with teens can empower teens to navigate their challenges effectively, learn new coping skills, and relate in healthy ways to friends, families, stressors, and goals.

Certified Digital Wellness Educator

I am a Certified Digital Wellness Educator, having completed extensive training with the Digital Wellness Institute.  I am well-equipped to speak to individuals and groups about methods for ascertaining the negative and positive impacts of technology on their lives, and cultivating a mindful and healthy relationship with technology.  I utilize the Digital Wellness Institutes model of Digital Flourishing (TM)


The experience of trauma is an unfortunate fact of life for most of us.  Trauma can come in many forms and result in a wide range of disturbing symptoms, from mood changes to post-traumatic stress disorder.  I provide a safe place to gently process and heal from trauma for both adults and children.  In addition to traditional psychotherapy techniques, I provide EMDR, an extensively researched method which has demonstrated effectiveness for treating trauma.

Sexuality &
Gender Counseling

I have specialized training in gender and sexuality counseling with youth and adults.  As a competent LGBTQ+ affirming therapist, I am clinically knowledgeable and personally aware of the unique challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ community and provide affirming and empowering treatment.  I have specialized training in gender and sexuality counseling with youth and adults.