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Providing Counseling in
Missouri and Colorado

Hi, I'm Deborah.

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And I'm here to help.

Have you wondered why:

  • you're harassed by negative, anxious thoughts?

  • the day-to-day grind feels unmanageable and overwhelming?

  • you feel stuck or doomed?

  • you have been acting more irritable and impatient?

  • nobody reciprocates the care and respect that you give?

  • its a struggle to feel content or safe?

  • some relationships and events hurt so bad?

  • it seems like you've never truly been loved?

  • you feel broken?

You can learn proven skills to build resilience, to strengthen relationships, and to craft a more satisfying life.  Join me in a safe and affirming space to unload your burdens, gain insight on the origins of your struggles, and find lasting healing.  

You have taken a courageous step in reaching out for support, and you have come to the right place. 

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