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Anxiety & Stress

Sometimes your mind is a runaway train of unhelpful or worried thoughts.  Sometimes that runaway train of thoughts can make life harder by triggering relationship problems, out-of-control behaviors, panic attacks, sleepless nights, isolation, or anxiety-induced health problems.

What Relief Is Like

Stress Reduction

Stressors are being managed better, perhaps reduced in number or eliminated altogether.


Physical and mental relaxation are accessible when desired, and happening with a satisfying frequency.

Effective Tools

Proven methods for controlling anxiety are well in-hand, and you more confidently prevent or reduce anxiety when needed. 

How I Can Help

Together we identify those stressors we have the capacity to change, while simultaneously addressing internal responses to stress that commonly amplify our stress response.  Using evidence based stress reduction methods, we craft a plan for moving you from a place of anxiety to a place of accessible relaxation, while giving you confidence with life long stress reduction tools for managing inevitable life stressors.  

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