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You are a good person with good intentions, and you do your level best to meet the needs of those around you.  Isn't that the right thing to do?  How can being a good person end up feeling so bad?  Most of the time you are overwhelmed, over-responsible, and exhausted.  It can feel like the people around you expect so much of you that you have nothing left for yourself.  You might even feel hopeless or powerless to improve your relationships or circumstances - especially when painful patterns repeat.   

Relief Feels Like

Healthy Boundaries

You can learn what healthy boundaries are and how to communicate them effectively.

Authentic Self-Expression

You can know and love yourself well, and being yourself feels natural.


You can rely on new skills and experience internal serenity in the face of tough situations and difficult relationships.

I Can Help

By sharing your burdens of overwhelm, over-responsibility, and exhaustion in counseling, we embark on the path to clarifying which burdens are yours to carry, and identifying your unique values and standards for life and relationships.  Drawing on your many existing strengths and equipping you with healthy assertiveness skills, you cultivate a more sustainable and nourishing life.  You become confident setting boundaries, with others, and within yourself.  With insight gained, you can then identify and halt painful patterns, and make ample room in your life for energetic joy, authentic self-expression, and relational harmony to flourish. 

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