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Most of us will experience trauma during our lifetime.  While it is possible to bounce back after certain traumatic experiences, others experiences can leave profound wounds that impair how we function long after.  

Trauma symptoms may include: 

Being easily startled or frightened  |  Disorientation  |  Always being on guard for danger  |  Self-destructive behavior  |  Trouble sleeping  |  Trouble concentrating  |  Irritability, angry outbursts or aggressive behavior  |  Overwhelming guilt or shame  |  Self loathing  |  Flashbacks  |  Nightmares  |  Confusion  |   Loss of memory  |  Intrusive thoughts, images, or memories  |  Mood swings  |  Feeling foggy or numb  |  ​Certain experiences or sensations triggering an overwhelming reaction |  Trouble connecting with others  |  Avoiding reminders of the traumatic experience(s)  |  Dissociation  |  Feeling the world isn't real  |  & much more...

Relief Feels Like


An abiding sense of security and the capacity to truly rest.


Easy access to feelings of lightness and delight.


Grounded, capable, supported, and confident in self-expression.

I Can Help

Trauma therapy can help you heal wounded parts and move from surviving to thriving.  Trained in numerous trauma treatment methods, including EMDR, I supply the gentle and nurturing environment to aid your healing journey and impart skills for a brighter future.  You are so much more than the trauma you've experienced.  Together, let's mend what needs mending and discover your more safe, joyful, and satisfying life.

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