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Relationships That Hurt

Some relationships hurt.  Sometimes it looks explosive and messy.  Other times it's harder to see, and looks like death by a thousand tiny cuts.  Whatever form it takes, we know that it shouldn't hurt this much.

What Relief is Like


Confident in how you express your needs and boundaries: clarity abounds.


You know precisely what's needed to feel safe in relationship, and have a clear path to meeting those needs.


Relationships nourish you.  When ruptures occur, repair is swift and effective.  Attachment bonds grow stronger.

How I Can Help

It can be difficult to pin point the cause of pain within relationships when you are the one hurting - but counseling has the power to shed helpful light on the origins of pain, as well as potential solutions.  With a strong focus on cultivating healthy attachment, I can help you gain insight into the factors under your control, as well as those outside it.  Empowering you with assertive communication skills and tools to cultivate emotional safety, you develop rich attunement within healthy relationships and take humane safety measures within unhealthy relationships.  To this end, I see individuals, couples, co-parents, family members, and sometimes others who are navigating painful relationships, that wish to work on improving attachment quality and satisfaction. 

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