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LGBTQ2IA+ Issues

Cultural norms, bias, and oppressive constructs can be a source of trauma, stifled self-expression, stress, and pain.  Differences in sexuality and gender can be exploited as a means of control or a weapon against the "othered."  

Relief Can Look Like


Compassionate inquiry can lead to a sense of liberation from oppressive constructs and greater self-acceptance. 


Unpacking and processing what happened, in safety, can lead to growth toward the expression of the authentic self and improved wellbeing.


Within a safe place for  all relationship structures, gender identities, and sexual and romantic orientations, you can learn key skills to cultivate safety in your own life.

How I Can Help

Together, we identify sources of external oppression and trauma, and internalized constructs, with an eye toward healing and creating a confident new sense of safety in our lives.  We strengthen skills for asserting our authentic selves in alignment with our values, crafting loving community, and exploring identity with new freedom.  We celebrate living in full embodiment and liberation. 

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