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Lionheart Psychotherapy on YouTube

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I've been leading MBCT Groups for several years now, with the intent of sharing my own digital versions of the guided meditations we use in-group and for home practice. There are many guided meditations to choose from online, but sometimes clients prefer to practice with a familiar voice. I've uploaded a guided meditation, led by me, of the "Three-Minute Breathing Space" exercise to a Lionheart Psychotherapy YouTube Channel.

You can check it out the Lionheart Psychotherapy YouTube Channel here:

I have major reservations about digital media, persuasive tech, and algorithms that perpetuate social harms. I struggle with how to behave online, both personally and professionally, in ways that align with my values and avoid participation in the unethical design of media. However, the same problematic technology also enables social good now and then, and may what I post contribute to that good. Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Stay tuned for more content soon.

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