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Mindfulness Superpowers

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Night after night, I used to wake up with racing thoughts and panic attacks, regularly getting 2 hours of sleep a night or less. I felt trapped in an extremely volatile and unsafe relationship, and my inability to find clarity and empowerment seemed more permanent as months passed. Over time, I started to believe that I was irreparably messed up and doomed to suffer.

Thankfully, my counselor at the time asked me to attend a class they were teaching, called "MBCT" (which stands for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy). This MBCT class, that therapist, and my practice of mindfulness changed my life profoundly and gave me superpowers that will be with me for the rest of my days. With MBCT and mindfulness meditation, I discovered that many of my torturous thoughts were not true, that I was able to think more clearly, and I was empowered with practical methods for solving problems. I went on to find relief from suffering and joy in life again.

Eventually, I became a psychotherapist who teaches Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; I am also a Certified Meditation Teacher. I have been through MBCT and meditation courses dozens of times, both as student and teacher, and each time I hone my superpowers that help me function at my best. It is my privilege to help others on their healing journeys too and I find great joy in sharing mindfulness and meditation tools with others, where applicable.

Practicing mindfulness meditation has scientifically proven benefits for our brains and bodies: it improves attention and mental clarity, controls anxiety, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, and so much more. Plus its available to us everywhere we go!

Mindfulness and meditation aren't the solution to all problems, but the practices may impart superpowers to enable vastly improved problem and symptom management. If you have a desire to learn more about meditation and/or mindfulness, please take a look at my events page about upcoming mindfulness-based cognitive therapy courses!

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